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Guitar Teaching

Learning to play guitar is for anyone who wants to give it a try, whether to perform or just have personal fun. I teach students of all ages who are beginners or developed players who just want to play better. For  IB Diploma students, learning guitar can be counted as CAS hours toward your diploma.


More action, less theory

I don't teach tons of theory. I make reference to basics such as chord charts and basic scales and chord families. The idea is to learn the theory you need as you develop the ability to play. Recognising how sounds fit together and rhythm are essential to playing well.


One to One teaching or small groups

Teaching is normally done on an individual basis to match exact needs and rate of progress. Small groups, no more than three students, can be arranged where the ability level is much the same or where a small group of proficient guitar students would like to have studio workshops.


School based sessions

These can be arranged according to the needs of the students. They are priced according to number of students, timetable and level of preparation required. Please call.


Help for music teachers

I have run courses to help music teachers in schools get the most from their equipment and to develop structures and methods for using pop/rock music playing in classes.


How many lessons?

Most students prefer to have a series of lessons, say ten, to see how they get on with the instrument. Some take lessons for a year and some for a few years. There can come a point where you want to make your own progress in your own time.


How much does it cost?

Lessons start from 35€ for a complete hour. For small groups are priced by the number of students and preparation needed.


Success stories

I am proud to highlight the achievements of students who have spent time in my teaching sessions. See a couple of truly notable examples here. I think both of these students are headed for serious fame. The music says it all.


Alex Sutton



Scott Langford

Scott's reference

"I have known Paul for many years now, starting in 2005 when I started taking guitar lessons with him at my old high school with a few of my class mates. I continued with the lessons for 3 to 4 years, taking me from a complete beginner when I only knew about 4 chords, to being able to play solos and leads over different styles of music. These lessons further developed not only my technique but my style of playing and creativeness. Paul is a great person to get along with, as he further sparked my interest in music and the playing the guitar, now leading me towards a career in music. I would highly recommend him as a teacher, mainly because of his knowledge and experience as a musician, but also because he is encouraging person who can teach a high level of music without sparing the creativeness behind it all."

Scott is now the guitarist with what can only be described as a highly innovative and popular band in Austin, Texas - Sunrise Police  See the video  and then this one.


Amps include Marshall, Fender, Trace Elliot and Roland. Students get to use basic guitar effects as part of their lessons. I have Gibson, Fender, ESP and Dean guitars to name some of them.


I use computer based backing and rhythm tracks as well as DVD and other audio aids lined in through the mixer.



The teaching room, comfortable and equipped for guitar music

Studio equipped for a full band and no shortage of guitars