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PA systems & Loudspeakers

tel: 040 414 2300  paul@kitaratec.com


PA system rental - conferences - events- festivals

In the last year we have been refurbishing and developing the PA systems that we have for rental and our own event use. These are available for hire only with us as the operators for the event. This is for the sake of safety and to ensure correct use of the equipment which is of course, very valuable and in need of very careful handling.

The systems are modular and are scaled according to the size and content of the event. All our equipment sounds good and looks good and represents industry standards in sound presentation.

The power sizes range from 1000W  (500W per channel stereo) up to 12000W (6000W per channel)

1 day rental charges normally start from around 300€ depending on size, plus transportation costs. Just call to discuss your event and we will suggest what would be the best system configuration for you.


We have basic static lighting based on PAR64 units which can illuminate most stages and can be gelled to desired colours.

Celestion SR1 full range units are also able to work on mid and upper frequencies when in a bi-amp configuration with HDS bass units. SR1's can emit between 350 and 500 watts per unit depending on type and configuration.

What we have available:

Full range or mid-upper range in bi-amped systems

Celestion SR 500W

1 pair = 1000W

Ideal for conference/event situations with audiences up to 200 people

We have up to 6 of these units with more similar units coming into stock this year.

HDS bass systems

We have up to 10 of these units which can work with SR systems.

These range from 600W per channel to 2400W per channel depending on configuration impedance

Stereo systems can be configured as:

500W x 500W

1000W x 1000W

2000W x 2000W

3000W x 3000W

Monitors can be configured as 250 x 250W, 500W x 500W, 1000W x 1000W

Power amplifiers are mainly C-Audio

Desks by Spirit and Tascam

Microphones - wide range from vocal to instrument

Various backline equipment can be made available if needed.

Just call to talk through your needs. PLEASE, book early to avoid disappointment

Power amps by C-Audio, Celestion and by Behringer providing up to 6000 watts continuous sound. Peak values can be up to14000 watts depending on speaker configurations.