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Welcome to Kitaratec!

I have been around guitars and band gear and all sorts of rock music since I started playing in the UK many years ago.  Beginning in the home of football and The Beatles I moved from Liverpool to London where I played with a range of bands before becoming more "international" and settling in Finland where I play with the band "Mad Dogs and an Englishman". Repairing instruments and related gear is a daily activity, whether someone's prized classic rock guitar or the school instruments that need servicing.

I have taught all kinds of students, from those who can just about reach the guitar to those who want to be the next Van Halen. I have worked in schools and in addition to music teaching I have taught high school and college level English in the UK and in Finland. I am a qualified teacher of English so students get to improve their guitar playing and their ability in English! When guitars have problems I have the workshop for all the repairs and refurbishing that any instrument might need.

There is a fully equipped teaching room and a small studio where a group can rehearse or record with a wide range of equipment for making live music. And that is what it is all about, enjoying live music with instruments that play well, whether you are a performer or just want to entertain yourself and your friends.

Kitaratec is a service provided through Interpress Oy in Finland